BabyLou Pooch Couture creates top quality pet apparel for the posh, glamorous, and jet setting pooches in the US.  Since  socialites are fashionista’s, BabyLou’s hand-made design’s, custom fabrics, bright and colorful embroidery, crystals and embellished appliqués, all allow their furry friends to strut the runway right beside them! As BabyLou would say “Why buy something for your pooch if you would not wear it yourself?” Throw away the frilly, cheep, and embarrassing barbiesque too-too’s and bring in the new posh and glamorous pooch apparel for your best bratty furry friend! Now as the half chewed stiletto’s and the rolled or pawed designer couture apparel would say … “Don’t make the BabyLou Pooches mad now!!” Spoil your babies and give them their own attire to be proud of ….so they can too strut the runway too!